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You’re always welcome to contact us. If you don’t know who to talk to, we’ll make sure you get in touch with the right person so you’ll get the right answer.


Here you’ll find the direct numbers to our various support departments within Wibe Group. If they can’t help you with your query, they’ll help connect you to the right person.


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People of Norway

Camilla Meyer-Woll

Arve Hansen

Quotation / Technical support

+47 93 03 42 68

Heidi Kihlgren

Christian Olsen


Regional Sales Manager, Østfold, Buskerud, Vestfold and Telemark

+47 45 42 17 01

Svein Furholm


Regional Sales Manager, Møre & Romsdal, Sogn and Fjordane

+47 98 20 73 88

Espen Hogstad


Regional Sales Manager, Mid and North

+47 40 80 37 31

Stian Fjæreide


Regional Sales Manager, Hordaland, Rogaland and Agder

+47 90 80 71 37

Øyvind Skovli Dahlberg