We are Mita



Our history


1980 MITA (UK) Ltd is established with directors and senior management, who have many years experience in the plastic conduit and trunking industry. The manufacturing operation is set up in Flint, whilst the company's head office and sales administration are based in Abergele, Clwyd .

1989 MITA establishes a new division, MITA Power Components. This division is set up to specialise in industrial cable support products with particular emphasis on harsh and corrosive environments. MITA Power Components has become widely recognised as the leading manufacturer of non-metallic GRP cable ladders, trays, ducts and support channels.

1995 Product range extends with the formation of two new product divisions: MITA Wired Systems, formed in conjunction with the world leaders in wire cable tray systems, Metal Deployed SA of France.

1996 Grawater Limited is acquired by MITA. Grawater manufactured a unique range of patented mini trunking that can be supplied in coiled form and also a range of flexible conduits.

1999 MITA is acquired by the Lexel Group, part of Schneider Electric.

2001 Cable management systems from sister company Thorsman are integrated into MITA, enabling an offer of the widest choice of innovative and exciting cable management products to the electrical market.

2003 MITA consolidates product divisions to establish a single brand and creates commercial, industrial and project sales teams.

2006 MITA re-enters the wire tray market with the launch of Aemsa Wire Cable Tray.

2007 MITA (UK) Ltd, only with its GRP Cable Trays and Ladders, formerly the Power Components Division, reaches a market share of 45% in infrastructure and transportation projects.

2009 Mita products, services and solutions migrated to the Schneider Electric brand as its cable management (trunking, conduit etc.) and cable support (GRP cable trays and ladders) offer. GRP manufacturing facilities are moved to Runcorn.

2021 Cable Support Division of Schneider Electric is divested and a new company is born, namely Wibe Group. MITA is now powered by Wibe Group, represents a complete GRP Cable Tray and Ladder offer for all industrial, infrastructure and construction applications.

We are Wibe Group


Wibe Group was established in 2021. We are an independent operating company under the wings of Swedish investment group Storskogen. Thanks to Storskogen's ownership being characterized by long-term perspective, decentralized decision-making and entrepreneurship, we can continue to develop and grow. The breeding ground for a positive development is our four strong brands within the group - Wibe, Defem, Stago and Mita. 

Each brand has its unique history and local roots. What unites them is a strong innovative force and the desire to always help the customer find clever solutions. The brands are world leaders in cable management support with a complete range of cable ladders, cable trays and mesh trays. 

Wibe Group works in a number of different industries, from the food industry's super hygienic requirements to extremely vulnerable environments like offshore wind turbines. In many of the industries we work in, several of our brands are represented. The different brands are strong individually, but together they are a superpower. Together we are Wibe Group. 



A word from Patrick, our CEO


Wibe Group is in a new and exciting development phase. Our almost 100-year history today continues with renewed vigor and a desire to show the world what we can achieve. With our combined knowledge and experience, we can keep finding new solutions together with our customers. And we never give up until we’ve succeeded. It’s part of our DNA. Working at Wibe Group means sharing a common view on how we continue to be leaders – through responsiveness, entrepreneurship and always putting the team ahead of ourselves.

Wibe Group is a workplace that allows every employee to participate to the company's development with the sense of responsibility. We take advantage of both the knowledge and experience, which is part of people ‘s development, to find new and sustainable solutions for the future.

Wibe Group’s ambition, however, is greater. People, Innovation, Sustainability are key words. We will develop circular product life cycles, which will be beneficial for the climate, and mainly for our next generations.  We will work towards minimizing our carbon footprint, look for ways to contribute to support green energy transportation. Sustainability is not only caring for the climate it is also engaging in improved education of young people and the improvement of diversity of our communities. 

We simply want to be a “great” company for all and make our customers, communities, our founding partners of ninety years ago, just look down upon us and be proud of what we did, we do and will achieve.

We are part of Storskogen

Since 2021, Wibe Group is owned by the Swedish company Storskogen. A company that invests in well-run, small and medium-sized businesses that are leaders in their market and have solid profitability. Just like Wibe Group.


With Storskogen behind us, we can continue to develop our business. Thanks to the company’s strategy of long-term ownership and decentralized decision making, the knowledge we have within Wibe Group ensures we can continue to strengthen our position in the cable management systems around the world.

Our locations


Mora, Sweden

This is where it all began in 1929 when Anders Wikstrand founded Wibe. Still today, we have our head office in Mora with about 150 employees. Here, we have all of our functional operation, such as manufacturing, support, sales, warehousing and management.


Hoorn, the Netherlands

In the city of Hoorn in the northwestern part of the Netherlands, we have manufacturing, support, sales and warehousing. Today, around 90 people work here. Here, we are specialized in our Stago products, but with extensive knowledge of our entire range of cable routing systems. Centrally located in Europe with customers all over the world.


Runcorn, UK

In Runcorn in the UK, we have manufacturing, support, sales and warehousing. Today, around 5 people work here. Here, we’re specialized in our Mita products, but with extensive knowledge of our entire range of cable routing systems.